Baisse de l'appétit

Je remarque que quand je fume pas, je mange pas. C’est comme si je suis tellement habitué de fumer avant de manger que quand j’ai pas fumé je pense pas à manger et je ressens pas d’appétit. Ça fait que je mange pas pendant plusieurs jours, pi je me sens faible des fois. mais quand je mange pi je suis pas high rien goute bon pi ca me donne mal au coeur. c’est tu normal?


@FortuneCookie I understand how you feel! I have an eating disorder, and when I started smoking regularly, I found that I started to rely on my high in order to kickstart my appetite.

To fix this, I tried several different methods:

  • only smoke once I’ve eaten at least half my meal
  • tried to see if there was any specific foods I had an easier time eating
  • drink tea before (to prepare my stomach for food) and after (help digest food) a meal, it would help get food down easier

Obviously, its not a quite fix, and tackling appetites can be very difficult. The important thing is that you try and find ways to actively get your stomach used to eating again. So, even if its small, having food every meal time can help you get back into a pattern.

Please don’t be too harsh with yourself if it doesn’t work right away. It’s okay for things to take time, as long as there is effort. Good luck<3


@tonimnr je savais pas que le thé aidait avec l’appétit! :open_mouth: Je vais clairement essayer ça! Thanks a lot!


Of course!! Let me know if it helps at all:) I’m looking forward to hearing any updates about this situation you are going through!:slight_smile: