Difference in High between Smoking and Edibles

What would be your guys’ experiences with smoking weed vs. taking edibles? I’ve always been more of a smoker, but I find that I’m more giggly when I take edibles. Do you guys have a preference? Does the high vary depending on how you consume cannabis?


Personnaly, I prefer smoking because I feel I have a better control over the effects it gives me. The high is shorter and more predictable and it’s easier to have control over the dosage. I noticed that when I take edibles I tend to become more passive. Like it’s almost like I can’t talk at all and all I can do is laugh. When I smoke, I am a bit more functional.


Personaly, I tried edible once and it has very intense… Even if I am used to smoke weed, my edible experience was wayyyyy more strong. I made weed brownies but we weren’t able to tell what precise quantity of marijuana we put in the butter. Plus, they tasted Linda good so I ate around 4 pieces and thought I didn’t feel anything so I are two more. One hour later, I was feeling stomach sick and VERY high. From now, I only smoke weed and not doing edible.


@Intothevoid yeah I feel the exact same! I used to take edibles to avoid smelling like weed, but the almost paralyzing feeling isn’t worth it. I do admit that I’ve had really good laughs with myself on edibles, but the cons outweigh the pros.

@barbeapapa2 nooooo :smiling_face_with_tear: ive made that mistake before lol, i hope it wasn’t that horrible of an experience:/ how did you cope once you sobered up? im assuming it was at night, so how did you feel once you woke up?