Microdosing before working out

i started smoking a little bit before every workout. at first, i saw an improvement in my overall performance and energy duration. but eventually, my dependence on the drug increased, and so did my tolerance. i found it hard to find motivation when sober, which resulted in me losing a majority of the progress i’ve made.

I am lucky enough to have gotten past my dependence. in order to do so, i started to incorporate more fun activities, instead of focusing on how many calories i burned. i also started limiting my consumption little by little. this helped me reconnect with fitness in a more positive way.


I don’t think it’s luck that got you past your dependence. You did this. It takes a lot of commitment to get there. You should be proud of yourself!

How did you manage to limit your consumption in the beginning? I am trying to and sometimes lack the motivation…


Thanks :slight_smile: I appreciate that a lot! I found that working past my initial cravings was the most challenging aspect of my impending sobriety.

First off, the act of bringing a joint to my mouth was addictive within itself, so I started carrying toothpicks around (this also helps for my fellow nail biters). They last pretty long before going soggy, and they are fun to play with. If you don’t like the idea of toothpicks, you could also try chewing gum or twirling your hair through your fingers.

Another thing that helped me was to plan out my evenings. When I’m bored, I tend to want to smoke more. So, I started making daily checklists of non-negotiables. This removed the opportunity for my boredom to lure me back to weed. I would either do physical activity (gym, walk, yoga…) or connect with my inner child more (do arts & crafts, watch old childhood movies, draw…).

Finally, I wouldn’t get mad at myself whenever I caved. It took me about 4 tries before I stopped consuming for good. It’s a rigorous process, but time is honestly your best friend in this scenario. Be patient with yourself, and do things alone. I found that building a stronger bond with myself and my passions/hobbies is what helped me detach for the drug and find the me who doesn’t need drugs to have fun.