Pressure to stop

My parents put me under a lot of pressure to stop my consumption. The thing is… I don’t see any problems to my consumption and I don’t see the need for abstinence. My parents see my consumption as very problematic, but it isn’t! They think I will become a failure if I continue smoking… I would like to educate them on weed to show them it’s not as harmful as they think. They don’t seem to know much about cannabis and I would like your intake on where to start to have a conversation with them on harm reduction and its benefits.


I totally get what you’re going through with your parents bugging you to quit using pot. It’s a real bummer when they see it as this big, terrible thing, but you don’t see any issues with it. Been there, done that!

I would say try to keep an open mind when you chat with them. Let them know that you respect their concerns and just wanna have a chill conversation. Listen to their concerns, too, don’t make it all about you.
I would suggest getting some legit info about weed, like facts that prove it’s not as bad as it seems. Focus on the good stuff, that it’s not all bad, explain the positive effects (I don’t know what you use it for, but for
example, pain management).
Def mention some harm reduction strategies, like how you’re being responsible with it and different ways you manage to keep it safe.
Good luck man!