Queer's are the Best Dressed!

You know what’s really funny? This one time, my queer group of friends and I were approached by an older millennial, asking us for weed! (fyi: we were all the legal consumption age!! the big 21!!). The whole thing was quite funny if you asked me.

Even after having smoked with them, we were all still pretty surprised. We couldn’t understand their unique blend of simple curiosity and scowl-free enjoyment. Leading us to soon register how clichéd that communal opinion was.

My curiosity got the best of me though. And before they walked away, I asked, « Why did you think we, out of all people, had weed »? Considering we were in a pretty crowded area of the Plateau, AND I saw them pass several other groups of people.

They smiled. « You guys are dressed really cool », then twirled on their heal and walked away.

You heard it from them, not me!!!


You made me laugh so hard I spit my coffee a bit. :coffee: Queers are definetely the best dressed, indeed!