Trouble with my parents

i made sure to hide my consumption from my parents as much as possible. but i’ve found that it has caused a lot of distance between us. since i know i can’t tell them due to their views on the drug, i’m afraid i won’t be able to reconnect with them like the way i used to. i’ve started to consume more safely, but i still feel like that information will mean nothing to them.


I know it can be really hard. I actually found talking about it with my parents helped. It took me a while before coming to terms with the decision. I told them about my old habits and how I also smoke more safely now. I know they didn’t expect that but being honest about it was helpful in my situation. I think they appreciated my honesty even though they weren’t entirely in agreement with my decisions. At the end of the day I think most parents want whats best for their kids.


@Clau @blueCat Those are both really good points! I appreciate the advice:)

I have been trough the same situation a few years ago… I was constantly hiding my weed in my room and lied to my parents when they asked if I smoked. I was really afraid of their reaction and that caused me to lie more. One day, I came back from school and believed my parents would be back from work later, but turns out my mother camer earlier in the afternoon. My friends and I got caught smoking in my back yard and let me tell you, my mom was not happy about it. A few days went by and I decided to have a conversation with my parents. They told me that they were more disappointed in the fact that I lied about my my consumption than the fact that I smoked weed. If I could go back in time, i would totally be open with my parents and not try to hide anything. I Think it’s the best for keeping a good and trusting relation.

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I’m sorry to hear that must be tough!

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